Why you should travel with insurance

Why Travel Insurance is a MUST

The major benefit of purchasing travel insurance is that in case anything goes wrong when you are abroad, you don’t have to look for money to handle it on your own; when you are already stressed out.

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You need to carefully read the travel insurance policies so that you ensure your preferable cover is included in the plan, particularly when you are an adventurous or sporting enthusiast. Travel insurance policies often vary, so it is worth shopping around if you can get some time or talk to an insurance agent who can help you find policies which cover all your activities while travelling without charging any extra costs.

There are several benefits of travel insurance. I can remember when I went for a trip to a remote place in Africa and got injured after slipping. The nearest hospital was about a seven-hour drive from where I was but I required urgent medical attention. So I was airlifted to the hospital and my insurance firm covered all the medical costs as well as the cost of hiring the chopper. Here are some reasons why you need to purchase travel insurance.

Benefits of travel insurance

Emergency Medical Treatment: It covers the emergency medical treatment cost which mostly involves treatment at a hospital. However, the insurer’s prior authorization is always a requirement in case the expected treatment cost will exceed the fixed amount that is set out within the policy statement. This policy also covers the emergency medical assistance cost, majorly by getting one to a hospital. It could be by air, road or sea ambulance.


It caters for the cost incurred in returning one to his or her home country after medical treatment and accompanied by a medical professional if there’s a need. It additionally caters for the return of one’s remains in case a death occurs abroad. It also covers your personal belongings or the money that you carry while travelling.

Medical Evacuation:

In case of the absence of a hospital to offer you a local treatment, this policy section caters for your transport to the nearest hospital for treatment even if it involves moving to another country.


Some travel insurance plans also provide a small amount of money daily to cover incidental costs of becoming an inpatient in a hospital abroad. It compensates in case of death or a cover for a permanent disability, in situations of serious injuries like the loss of a limb.

Cancellation, Curtailment and Trip Interruption:

It covers financial losses which are unrecoverable such as lost deposits, non-refundable transport costs and trip cancellation. It covers extra costs in case you miss a flight from your own home country or even on your return journey. However, you can only benefit from this coverage if you missed a flight due to circumstances beyond your control.

Personal Liability:

It gives cover in case you injure some third party or cause damage to one’s property. Moreover, it also includes liability for the use of rented cars. There is a legal cost cover in case you are involved in litigation while abroad.

There’s ample solutions to your coverage needs. Based on my own experience, it’s definitely wise to not take risks when planning a big trip. If you’re unsure about what package you should get, consult with a travel agent at the time of booking, and they should have several options at your disposal, and lots of information regarding what might suit you best!

Happy, and SAFE travels!!