Why you should go to Myanmar now


Myanmar is basically a sovereign state in Asia closely bordered by Laos, Bangladesh, China, Thailand and India. Also known as Burma, Myanmar has been a great escape and as the holidays closely open in, more tourists are booking trips and hence a growing need to know why you should travel now.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsPhoto Credit: Creative CommonsSchwedagon Pagoda

This tower has managed to scoop the top prize when it comes to tall pagodas in the region. With an amazing yellow-gold finishing, Schwedagon Pagoda will definitely allow you to get in touch with the most exquisite beauty in Myanmar. What is more, the Pagoda features the most sacred and religious site in Myanmar and hence highly visited by both ardent believers and religious leaders.

Myanmar Ngapali Beach

Myanmar Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful and becoming location in the region. With extensive and clear water coverage, the beach also offers a unique reflection platform for sunlight allowing sun rays to hit directly at the surface and then reflecting them to nearby residential location. This not only awards the entire look in the region it also forms an exquisite beauty for tourists and travellers to explore across their visits. Oxes are also common in the beach and hence an additional traditional form of transport.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsThe Bagan Temples

The Bagan Temples are as beautiful as never. This is the time gods are handling close interactions with their most loyal and truthful believers. Therefore, these capitals of ancient empires are singing to the tune of the holiday while at the same time inviting avid explorers to the times. You will also notice that in your await is an uninterrupted vista, with both small and big temples stretching to the horizon and being gently called to awake by the warm light rays of the sun.

Stunning Landscapes

In the last quarter of the year, Myanmar climatic and weather conditions are greatly dominated by sunny and warm temperatures. Luckily, this capability will extend and allow you to see the mountainous sandy and stunning landscapes Myanmar brings vis. What is more, rice paddies in the south towards the mountains will definitely project a unique and well-reflected view and sight scope enabling you to reap a modest sum from your travel.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsCulture and Tradition

Myanmar tradition is highly preservative and equally respectful. With women dressing at the helm of their ankles dresses and gowns that reflect true culture and tradition, they will not lag to inject their cultural meals and dishes with the festive season. Therefore, this is the time to taste their cooking prowess as they prepare to usher into the world a diverse party atmosphere. However, be advised that when visiting religious escapes, don’t wear tank tops and any garment that reveal parts above the knee.

 Myanmar Travel Experience

For decades, Myanmar has isolated itself from the Western eyes and these times of tourism development have made it easier to feel the very thrill of exploration. What is more, this thrill is currently making a comeback with a notorious stunt and therefore inviting travellers, explorers, tourists and sightseers to join in the rhythm. As you explore the country, you will definitely feel the path is yours to forge and with a whooping tourism industry, everything is currently exciting and newer. Therefore with such merits, metrics, features and travel capabilities, you can visit Myanmar and bring real travel time to value.