What to eat in St Lucia

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean Island whose culture has been influenced by various groups of individuals. A visit to the island allows you to enjoy a mix of cultures including Creole, British, French, and Indian. The best way to explore the island’s diverse cultural heritage during a stay in hotels such as blu Hotel St Lucia is through its cuisine. This is a fertile island with a variety of fresh produce. It is renowned for its banana varieties and fresh tropical fruits. Some of the tropical fruits you can enjoy on the island include coconuts, guavas, passion fruit, sour sops, pineapples, mangoes, guavas, and papayas. Seafood is also popular in St Lucia and it is used in most of the meals in the island.

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There are various foods to select from depending on your taste. You can get gourmet food or casual meals in restaurants and hotels in St Lucia. The island’s chefs combine the fresh produce and seafood to create tantalizing, delicious, and unique meals. Caribbean cuisine is a common feature on the island’s meals but they stand out because of the unique cultural heritage. Here are some of the meals you can expect during your visit.


This is a dark green leafy vegetable and the island chefs use it as an alternative to kale or spinach. Once it is cooked, callaloo adds a smoky flavor to a dish. It is mainly used in seafood and fish dishes. The vegetable is served with mashed taro root. It also used as a base for seafood soups.

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Shark and Bake

If you want a change from gourmet food during your stay at St Lucia, you can try the shark and bake. This is a street food that combines stewed vegetables and fish. The meat in this fish sandwich tastes great. This sandwich is available in other islands but the St Lucians have come up with their own version.

Pouille Dudon

Another highly-recommended dish on the island is Pouille Dudon. Chicken is the main ingredient of this stew that is flavoured by treacle and coconut. This is another popular Caribbean dish that may taste familiar – think of it as sweet and sour chicken.

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Green Figs and Salt Fish

This is St Lucia’s national dish. The name of the dish may be misleading because it does not actually include any figs. This dish is a combination of unripe bananas, peppers, sautéed garlic, celery, and onions. The unripe bananas may seem odd but they taste like potatoes. It also has some salt fish, which is sautéed with vegetables and bananas. Bananas are a staple on the island and you can have this dish for supper, lunch, or breakfast.

The island’s cuisine combines British and French dishes, which are prepared in a Caribbean way. Visitors to the island can enjoy a variety of gourmet meals or have street food. The street food offers you an opportunity to try the island’s delicacies on a budget.