What to do in New York for free

Getting to visit New York’s biggest attractions like the Empire state building, The Me, The Whitney, the Guggenheim can mean spending a lot. Looking for fun in this pricey city and its surrounding cities is thus expensive. However, exploring New York multi-centre is full of interesting things which one can do without handing over any cent as they are full of large park systems and countless cultural attractions. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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The Brooklyn’s Mark Bar serves free food in New York after 6 p.m. on every day. Customers get the chance to be served with cold cuts and complimentary pizza on any day of the week. On every Sunday, the restaurant gives customers free bagels and coffee. You can also enjoy free wine tasting hosted by the Big Nose Full Body on every Saturday where over 300 different wines are usually tasted.


Brooklyn Academy of Music opens up every Friday and Saturday for free. The crowd is usually kept rocking by Jazz and experimental artists. American Folk Art Museum opens to the public on Fridays from 5.30 with performances from contemporary artists. Free music performances can be got from Central Park Stage during summer. You can also enjoy free gratis shows at Citypass on every Friday and Saturday.

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Get free tours of the neighbourhood of this great city from Big Apple Greeter. The NYC public library offers free music, dance performances and visual arts exhibits in the different branches in the city. To watch artefacts from Portugal, Latin America and Spain for free, visit the Hispanic Society of America Museum. Jewish Museum is usually free from 5p.m. every Saturday and here one can check modern artwork, photography and ancient artefacts produces by some Jewish artists. For free music performance, literature and African-American art, one can visit the Schomburg center. The Queen’s Library usually organises free cultural events which include concerts, poetry reading and performances. On every Tuesday, there is usually free entry at Wave Hills where one can get notable author readings and weekly poetry performances.

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Visiting the NBA Store where you can get a chance to meet some NBA players can be a good option. These players may be visiting this play for shopping purposes or giving a free basketball clinic. Watching the skaters at the Rockefeller Center can be awesome. Art deco architecture buildings like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building should not be missed. You can enjoy the many impressive churches in the city like the Riverside Church. You can visit the Bronx Zoo and watch lions and western gorilla on every Wednesday or free. NY Botanical Garden which is free on every Wednesday can also be an awesome idea.

This is only a number! The New York and surrounding cities will offer you with many free options to enjoy yourself. You just need to know where and when and really, visiting any of these places will be leave you with experiences that you will want to savor every moment!