Travelling in Jordan: Beyond Petra

Jordan is definitely one of the greatest tourist destinations in the Middle East. From great land marks to a series of breath taking museums and galleries, the fun that comes with visiting this magical land can only be limited with your visiting time. On similar grounds, it doesn’t end without mentioning the archaeological sites in the region, as well as the automobile exhibitions among an array of other attractions you wouldn’t want to miss. But for the sake of being brief, let’s look at some of the touring spots to prioritize when you finally have your holidays to Jordan:

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsAmman

Being the capital city of Jordan, Amman is recognized worldwide as one of the world’s most ancient cities. Though modern, it still holds significant remains of Roman archaeological splendor coupled with a number of antique attractions. To start with, you have the Roman automobile museum to visit. Here, you’ll get to see a number of classic vintage cars that were once owned by King Hussein. Usually, these cars are accompanied by a video footage of how they were used during the reign of the late king.

Second on the line, we have Jordan Museum. This great museum has more than what your eyes can feast on. And apart from feasting your eyes, you’ll also be learning something about the history of Jordan as well as the customs of the land. The best part of your visit is that your tour to this museum will cost you nothing but only your presence and time.

After that, your trip is not complete until you visit the Roman amphitheater. What will convince you to visit this antique theater is the fact that its history dates back to over 2000 years ago (Jesus probably visited this theater and got entertained). And up-to date, this theater has been one of the greatest source of entertainment to visitors of this land.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsWadi rum Desert

In Arabic, ‘wadi’ means valley, while in Aramaic ‘rum’ translates to elevated. When the two words are combined, that’s the situation you get when you visit the Wadi Rum Desert. In short, Wadi Rum is a valley in the south-west Jordan, and is commonly known for the large number of sandstone and rocks it harbors. By visiting this remarkable valley, you’ll definitely enjoy the desert adventures, camping, trekking, camels rides and the climbing tours. On top of it all, there’s Jebel Khash for hiking enthusiasts. Here, you can hike yourself to the summit as you enjoy an aerial view of the desert in front of you.


Photo Credit: Creative CommonsAnother great archaeological site to visit in Jordan should be the Jerash city. This city has more than you should expect; but most importantly, the historical story behind the city is what may make you want to visit it. For example, it’s believed that the city sprung into existence 2000 years ago when Romans ruled the land. And to support the claim, all the ancient ruins are still conserved in the region and protected at all cost from manipulation. For a very long time, these ruin were once covered in sand until the recent past when they were uncovered and then transformed into the greatest attraction they currently are.

From the illustrations above, you’ll notice that a trip to Jordan has more educational value than anyone can imagine. On the flip side, the fun that comes with visiting this amazing land is deemed to leave you with nothing less than a memorable experience. Besides, the people too are very friendly, and will be more than willing to give you any necessary information you need to make your trip more interesting.