Tips for saving money as a backpacker


Backpacking has lots of advantages compared to other kinds of rest. Despite the fact that it is the lowest-budget type of tourism, it is also a great opportunity to discover and explore unknown worlds. Backing enables people to travel wherever they want with light baggage and without considerable expenses. Budget hotel along with online resources make it possible to plan interesting trips. This kind of tourism is simply perfect for those people, who love adventures and new places, hence can appreciate the beauty of nature.

Furthermore, backpacking is an active way of rest – one more reason why it is chosen by a great number of people, who can’t live without unforgettable impressions of tracking. It should also be mentioned that backpacking is not compulsory a rest in tents with sleeping bags. There exist many options to have a wonderful and great vacation that doesn’t require a lot of investments. Moreover, there is even a possibility to make some money while resting in a hotel/ hostel. Consider the option of CasinoInTheUK: top casino site list. There you will find the most trusted sites to play which you should only have an internet connection, positive mood, and desire to play and win big.


Backpacking: cheap way of travelling the world

Being a backpacker is very profitable in terms of money. Follow these simple pieces of advice and you will automatically save money:

  • it is very cheap to travel in weekdays, rather than hike at weekends;
  • it is recommended to plan everything in advance. Moreover, the best thing is to travel for a few weeks, as it is not very popular among tourists. In such a way it is possible to use discounts for airline tickets and hotels;
  • backpackers shouldn’t spend money on transport – hitchhiking is a way out;
  • backpackers can stay in hostels instead of hotels to save even more money;

Equipment: beginners

If it is your first time as a backpacker and you just want to try this kind of rest then there is absolutely no need to spend thousands of dollars and buy everything starting from sleeping bags and finishing with backpacks. All necessary things can be easily rented in specialised companies or taken from friends, who currently don’t need it. If you understand that backpacking is your new hobby now, then, of course, you should buy all the equipment.

Money matter

If you or your friends have a necessary experience in tracking then you can plan everything without additional professional assistance. Hiking on an easy route with experienced mates always costs 4-5 times cheaper compared to prices of tour agencies. But if you don’t have such friends it is advised to know about ways of reducing costs. Some organisations sell tours at lower prices, in case if the trip is booked beforehand.


Broaden your outlook without spending much

It is possible to go hiking not only within a native country, but also all around Europe, America, Australia, and other continents. Backpackers can stay in local hostels, hitchhike, rent a bike or take own one, etc. All these are the ways that would greatly minimise costs.

In simple words, backpacking has never been boring. It is an amazing kind of active rest that can be spent with friends or like-minded people, passing the most interesting routes gathering unique impressions and memories.