The best of Morocco

Going to Morocco was an amazing experience and I would love to go back there one day. I went with friends and enjoyed seeing the sights and tasting the delicious food. Having an all inclusive accommodation in Morocco made the experience unforgettable and we would definitely return.

Wandering around Merrakech

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsFirstly, we journeyed cross-country and enjoyed a couple of days in captivating Merrakech. This is a major city in the Northwest Morocco which any traveler should never miss. There is everything for everyone, be it historical or modern. A good way of checking out what Moroccan life is like, is to go to the market known as souk, in the middle of town. It’s an extremely popular place and is very crowded. There were literally so many people all in one place, which may challenge anyone with claustrophobia. Restaurants are aplenty for anyone who is up for Moroccan food.  The local meals are delicious and piled on your plate. Food is very cheap without compromising on taste.

The square is surrounded by a large market. The market was amazing, street after street of market stalls. Bartering features heavily with market trading and traders expect customers to barter with them.

The Atlas Mountains

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsAnother trip that can be done in a day is going to the Atlas Mountains. One can have a phenomenal day out on the most interesting range of the mountains, sans workout, on a  4wheel drive which is reasonably priced.  Horse-riding, mountain-biking and climbing are some of the activities here as well as bird-watching. For the adventurous, trekking can take you through breathtaking sceneries to a world less touched by tourists, to discover the hidden culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Morocco.


The Walls Of Rabat

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsIt is also recommended to visit the amazing walls of Rabat. The walls house a large, modern city that has a relaxed atmosphere. The Oudaya in particular is a beautiful spot full of history. This fortress which was built in the 12th century can be found at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River. History has it that it was used to fight off enemies, and host royal delegations. While there, do not fail to visit the other gems in Rabat such as the King’s Palace and Exotic Gardens, shop and dine in the Medina, and stroll at Villa Mandarine.

The Medina is another place to visit in Rabat. It is small and not as interesting or attractive as the old city sections of Merrakech, however the foundouks or traditional cafes and shops make for a lively atmosphere. Many shops sell souvenirs and Moroccan craft items such as embroidery and the famed Rabat carpets.

Although Morocco can be overwhelming for first-timers, it has definitely the potential of turning out to be one of the most amazing vacations one can have. Beautiful yet chaotic, colourful and loud, Morocco is in many ways the ideal holiday destination, made for travelers with an adventurous spirit and a desire to immerse themselves in a foreign culture.