On your next trip, you’ll be thankful you packed these

No matter where you are traveling to, there are some items when added to your grab-and-go bag during the packing will ensure that everything runs on smoothly. You might not have realised how they are useful in navigating some unexpected travel snags. You already own most of these items but still, they can be obtained for as low as $3. Meet five items than definitely turn one in the MacGyver of a vacation set.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsDuct Tape

You should consider packing a travel-sized duct-tape in your travel bag. If you end up with a damaged purse, a broken shoe or a torn luggage, this duct tape will be the only way to do a temporary repair. To avoid unwanted spillage during your trip, you should seal bottles with liquids. You need some extra duct tape to do the sealing again on your way back home.

Plastic bags

You should always pack a few plastic bags for certain items like toiletries to avoid leaks. These plastic bags can also be used for carrying dirty clothes or even as makeshift umbrella in case you do not have one. Zip lock or any other airtight plastic bags are the best to buy.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsClothesline and laundry detergent

Let’s face it, sometimes we just need a fresh shirt to perk us up on our trip. But if you’ve been traveling light and have used all the clothes that you’ve packed, a quick wash of your favourite shirt in the hotel bathroom will do wonders to your mood (and to the smell of your bag too!). Aside from having some clean clothes to wear, it also saves you a few bucks. Win-win!  

Universal Travel adapter

People travel with at least 3 electronic gadgets, a mobile phone, a laptop or an Ipad and a camera. Some travelers even couldn’t live without their e-readers or blowdryers. Could you imagine traveling without being able to use or charge your favourite electricals? By purchasing a universal travel adapter, you are able to use your electricals all over the world.


Photo Credit: Creative CommonsCarabiners can be used instead of padlocks if you are taking a few bags during your trip and therefore need some added security. Even if padlocks add more security, they are cumbersome and heavy. Although using the carabiner is not that much secure, it will ward of break in, grab and run thieves.

Carrying these items can make your trip more interesting than you could have thought. Consider packing them in your travel bag and believe me you will never regret. If you are travelling by air, you should enquire on time what types of item they allow and which they don’t during the flight. Enjoy your trip!