St. Lucia for the adventurous and sports-minded

Travelers visiting St. Lucia will soon realize that this spot offers a variety of sporting activities aside from being the usual haven for rest and relaxation. This vacation destination will surely meet the requirements of all types of visitors. Below is a description of some activities to be enjoyed in the best resorts of St. Lucia.

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Fishing activities on St. Lucia is as excellent as in most Caribbean places. There is a wide variety of fish around the island. It is almost close to impossible not to catch any as there is an abundance of fish here. During preparation, it is advisable that you find one of the knowledgeable locals on the island since they have adequate knowledge on the best places to go for fishing. They could also provide you with the necessary equipments required such as boats, nets and hook lines among others. Apart from being a popular sport in St. Lucia, fishing is highly esteemed in the region as a way of life for most islanders.

Hiking and abseiling

There are several resorts that are located near the edge of the protected rain forest. Such resorts like The Body Holiday resort St Lucia offers opportunity for visitors to engage in abseiling, mountain biking and hiking. The pristine rainforest provides a good spot to support these exciting activities. However, amateurs should have a professional help them out since it can be tough and dangerous on the cliffs. The thrill-seekers and lovers of water and mountains will definitely have a fun time in this dream-like paradise.

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Snorkeling and diving

Snorkeling and diving activities have made a great contribution in popularizing St. Lucia as a vacation destination. Its Caribbean coast has warm and clear water that support marine life, coral reefs, countless fish and other sea creatures. Those who love this activity will be excited by mysterious sites in the underwater world. Scuba divers can choose on exploring several places under the surface of the ocean. Wall and wreck diving are more popular types of diving on St. Lucia.


There are golf courses on St. Lucia Island for golfers who would like to incorporate this sport into their holidays. The golf courses offered here are not championships based. St. Lucia Golf and Country Club provide golfers with an opportunity to enjoy the challenging 18-holes in a very exotic setting. Lovers of the 9-holes will also have options in St. Lucia. All guests are allowed to participate in complimentary golf on the scenic course that features a lush tropical landscape and rolling green hills.

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A good number of resorts in St. Lucia have floodlit courts for playing tennis free-of-charge for all their interested guests. They also have an in-house pro that offers private tennis lessons to interested parties. Guests staying in resorts with no tennis courts can head to nearest resorts and play a game for a small fee.

St. Lucia is a vacation destination that will encourage you to engage in all the activities offered  by different resorts since they are readily available and relatively safe. The calm waves and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea are likely to make you go to St. Lucia regardless of what type of activity you choose to do on your holidays.