On the road in Malaysia

If you are searching for a different to way to spend your trip on a long weekend outing, consider a journey to Malaysia. There are more on sights beyond shopping there and the Twin Towers in Malaysia. A roadtrip from Singapore to Malaysia is an excellent option to expend your holidays. The hot pot for worldwide visitors, Malaysia is a melting pot of various cultures for instance Indian, Chinese and Malay. They have excellent roads that are driver-friendly, aside from the safety that you will enjoy.

Here are some of the places to consider when driving around the country:


First option is the aged city in Malaysia, a famous choice among travelers for its wealthy historical heritage. Malaysia is re-branded as “The Red City” due to its’ Dutch landmark architecture, the Stadthuys. Whilst a part of Malaysia has been redeveloped in to a contemporary shopping province, much of the customary culture has been protected and occasionally redesigned. Additional scenery that should not to be left out includes Taman Malaysia, a cultural recreational area highlighting instances of kampong buildings to represent the various architectural modes and existence from the 13 states in Fort A’Famosa on St. Paul’s Hill and Malaysia, signature destination back from the Portuguese Colonial times. Malaysia is likewise a home of several native delicacies.

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Penang is known to be one of the most charming and idealistic cities in Asia. It is similarly a known food haven, of which, its hae mee, asi kandar char kway teow are some of the most popular dishes in Southern Asia. The capital of Penang, Georgetown, is a history-rich city – customary shop-houses, temples, trishaws, mosques and old churches – it is truly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All together, you will also see eye-catching evidence of transformation like the 60-story Penang Universal City Center. In addition, while you are still there, do not forget to tour popular sites like Tropical Spice Garden, Khoo Kongsi, and Batu Ferringhi.

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Lata Iskandar

It is a famous waterfall in Malaysia and the falls flows over many levels of granite slopes. The water originating from an elevation of 25 meters finally lands into a petite pool below prior joining the narrow waterway. The numerous local shops situated in the adjoining are where you can buy topical fruits, tribal handicrafts, ethnic souvenirs, herbs and aphrodisiacs. It is situated on the route from Tapah to the Cameron Highlands. The waterfalls in Lata Iskandar will definitely appeal to everyone. It is an important destination offering panoramic views to the travelers. It is stretched halfway between Tapah and Cameron Highlands.

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Cameron Highlands

It is the smallest region in the state of Pahang, which is positioned in the northwestern corridor of the state. One of the beauties of Malaysia, it is the biggest and leading famous hill alternative in the country. The highland paradise still preserves much of the attraction of the English township. It has become a top destination for its tea plantation that is picturesque all year round.

In conclusion, anyone interested to experience top beauties and interesting cultures should make a roadtrip to Malaysia. The accessibility of the places and the beauty of its surroundings make it an ideal roadtripping destination.