Reasons Why You Need To Go For Ayers Rock Camping

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Are you looking fancy holiday to a very unusual place? How about going for a camping at Ayers Rock.

Ayers Rock camping is one of the most widespread scrubland trips that will take an individual to the red marble rock of the Olgas besides rugged Kings Canyon Gorge in three days. However, before you go for this camping, you need to bring along the following things in order to prepare yourself for the camping. You need to have food, clothing’s that will sustain you for a number of days you planning to stay at Ayer Rock, a tent, sport light just in case of anything, sleeping bag and towels .Ayers Rock camping is such a special experience because of the following reasons.

Ayers Rock at Sunset. By Charlie 2.0 – Flickr Creative Commons

Watching Of the Sunset

You will start your journey at Alice Springs prior to heading to the red desert. This will enable you to reach Ayers Rock just in time to have a look at the sun set behind the rock. A simple guideline will enlighten on the history of monoliths and the history of the first populaces of Australia who are Aboriginals. The Aboriginals usually cogitate Ayers Rock to be one of the sacred places in Australia and there are a lot of secrets and legends involving this rock.

Creative Commons: Sunrise at Uluru / Ayers Rock. Apr 15, 2008 1:35 PM

Hiking and swimming

Hiking will be done at Kings Canyon. You will hike along the uppermost of the gorge prior to continuing into gorge itself. You will walk past cool pools water perfect for swimming and lush green ferns. You will also camp under stars in the evening as you catch up with your fellow friends on how the hiking was.

Watching the sunrise

You will wake up in early with a spectacular sunrise. Some travellers normally opt to climb on top of the rock since from the top you will have an implausible view of the area. However, Aboriginals usually consider the mountain holy thus they do not approve people climbing it!

A must do, for anyone planning on visiting the outback during their Australian vacation!