Planning your Ultimate Disney Vacation

Walt Disney is one of the best vacation destinations but just like many first time visitors, you are probably wondering where you should begin so that you can visit it in order to enjoy yourself. In addition, it is a busy place and hence, determining when you should visit it and how you should tour its parks in order to avoid crowds is an extremely important step in the planning process especially if you are an infrequent or first time guest who wants to plan a trip that will be memorable. If you are wondering where to start when it comes to vacation planning to Walt Disney, you are lucky because the following guide will help you.

Best time to visit

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsThe time you visit Walt Disney can have a significant effect on the crowd density as well as the wait times that you encounter for its attractions because it can be very crowded. You should therefore visit it during school breaks if you are a parent and you do not want to get your children out of school because the parks are busiest at this time owing to the huge number of guests who are in similar circumstances. When it comes to crowds, the weeklong breaks are the worst. Summer vacation is a longer period and hence, summer is not that bad because not all parents must visit Walt Disney during the same week.

If you are traveling without kids or you do not mind getting yours out of school, you should get rid of any days when their school is not in session during your planning process. The best times to visit when you consider the crowds are mid-January to early March, December before the Christmas vacation and the early fall.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsItinerary

It is very important to plan an itinerary and hence, you should plan it even if you do not visit Walt Disney on a frequent basis. You should create schedules in all the steps of your day for visiting attractions, spending more time with your children or taking them to visit water parks and theme parks and enjoying entertainment shows. You should also create a crowd calendar for enabling you to pick the best days for visiting Walt Disney. Since Walt Disney can have some very long lines owing to the huge crowds that it attracts, you should have an itinerary because it helps you to do things efficiently and in effect, spend less time in lines or avoid skipping attractions if the lines are too long.

Where to stay

The most important question here is if you should stay “off-site or on-site?” You can stay in a hotel that is not owned by Disney within driving distance from Walt Disney or a hotel that is owned by Disney on Walt Disney property. Orlando has many luxurious hotels that are not owned by Disney and there hotels that are owned by Disney but are not exactly 5-star ones. Hence, you will only get more value for your money if you stay in villas near Disney Florida.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsWhere to eat

Many amazing dining options that can make your experience memorable are available in Walt Disney. You therefore have numerous possibilities when it comes to the meals at this place. You should give free dining some serious thought if it being offered. You should however make advance reservations if you opt for the Disney Dining Plan because some popular restaurants do not have extra space if you do not book in advance and hence, you might not have a chance to reap maximum benefits from the Dining Plan.


Planning your trip to Walt Disney can intimidate you because it has four theme parks, numerous restaurants, many hotels and various additional entertainment activities as well as options that can make the planning process very complicated.The process might seem complicated but you will get a huge ultimate payoff if you follow the aforementioned guide carefully.