Why not Morocco for your next family vacation?

Morocco is one of the most popular countries in the west part of north Africa that comprises several fascinating things to do and several attractions to see. If you are considering a vacation in Morocco, there are several activities to do while you are there, which should  include surfing, skiing, a cooking class, and many more.There is no need to worry about accommodation and other basic needs since there are several quality hotels and villas, such as the one on this site.

The following are things to do  and sights to see in Morocco:

The tanneries in Fes

Fes is popular for its leather products in which most of these products are from the leather bazaar commonly known as the Souq in old Fes. These tanneries have been functioning right from the medieval times and just a little has changed that makes them absolutely interesting to give a visit. In order to see these tanneries, you must enter into the leather shops that are filled into the brim with slippers, jackets and handbags. In fact, best views are right from these leather shops. When you visit the tanneries, the springs of fresh mint are the most essential because the animal hides that are stinky as well as the pigeon poop they are treated in does not help.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The Blue Streets Of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is located in the heart of the Rif Mountains of Morocco. It is called Chaouen is very relaxed with best and very affordable accommodations as well as quite stunning for you to see. Most of the building and streets in the older part of Medina are painted with a brilliant sky blue. The mountains that you can easily see at the end of all cobbled street are majestic and rugged. The clear mountain light also adds a magical touch and look to the place. It is the best and a favorite place for many people who visit Morocco shop, sip mint tea and stroll.

Learn to cook the traditional food of Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is highly influenced by Turkish cuisine, Berber cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Arabic Andalusian cuisine all of which were brought by the Arabs. Later came the French influence in which its cuisine fused with the traditional Moroccan style. This is actually one of the best fine-dining experiences to have in this country today. Many Zriads offer different cooking classes in Fes, Essaouira and Marrakech.

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Steam in the traditional Hammam

The hammam is generally a steam bath of the public in Morocco. They are used as the only place people could come to scrub and bathe, since private bathrooms in the apartments or houses were just a luxury very few people could afford. However, currently, there are only a few hammams since the introductions of modern plumbing allows people to bathe in their homes. These few serves as the historical tourist attractions. To get a good bathe and scrub at any local hammam can be a wonderful and eye-opening cultural experience.

Enjoy an overnight in the Sahara desert

The Sahara desert of Morocco is typically a magical place to spend some of your nights while there. The most famous place to explore in this area is the most breathtaking Saharan sands cape, which is found in a little area known as Merzouga, Erfoud.

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The above sights and things to do in Morocco are just a few of the fascinating things in this country. The choices are endless and will cater to families who want to experience a culture like no other while immersing in the beauty that is Morocco.