Improving Your Mind and Well Being One Positive Thought at a Time


We live in a society of abundance but in a generation of complainers. We have all that we need at our fingertips, and yet we still find fault because of all we don’t have. We are quick to look at the negative and slow to see the positive. We let words fall out of our mouths without a second thought

It would be wonderful if we could go to the mountains and learn to appreciate the beauty of life from wise monks, but for the majority this is not an option. However we can take a course in wellness, meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, or yoga. You can usually find some of these classes on Groupon, or in a local paper there are sure to be courses advertised. However we could also just stop and think before we talk


If your boss is annoying you, before you bad mouth him to your colleagues, remember he too is human, and he too has his pressures to deal with. He is doing the best he can. It is OK to release frustrations to close friends or family, but then let it go and move on. The more energy you put on your perceived problem, the bigger it is going to be.


Release any pent up anger or stress through exercise or physical labour. Let your body become exhausted so you don’t have energy to complain. If you can meditate take time out to be still and calm, and if not buy a guided meditation or join a class. Calm your thoughts and choose to direct them in a positive way

Practice gratitude on a daily basis. There is always someone in a much worse situation than you. If you are angry because it’s raining and you forgot your umbrella, remember how fortunate you are to have a warm home to go to. Write all the reasons you have to be grateful and you will soon be wondering what you had to complain about.

Complaining is of no benefit to the speaker or the receiver, it robs your energy and makes life a bleak one to live. Try just living one day without complaining and see the difference it has on you!