How to Plan Your European Summer Getaway

Need a break from reality? Escape the humdrum of your everyday life and head to Europe on an exciting summer getaway! Here’s a brief guide on how to plan your ideal European holiday.

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Decide On Your Must-Sees

A bitter pill to swallow when planning your European getaway is the fact that you simply won’t have time to see everything you want. Europe is a vast continent and there is so much to see, do and experience. This means you’ll have to refine the list of destinations you intend to visit and limit your itinerary to just visiting your must-sees. To help you refine your list, keep this question firmly in mind: what cities have I been dreaming of visiting for the last few years? If there is a particular city that you’ve been talking about for ages, then perhaps it’s time you cross that one off your list and visit it on your next European summer getaway.

Allocate a Reasonable Amount of Time in Each Place

It’s important that you are realistic when planning your European itinerary. Some cities are massive and are full of interesting sights and experiences. Don’t make the mistake of only allocating a day or two to a city such as Paris. There is simply too much to see and do in the French capital and the last thing you want is to leave a city like that prematurely. It’s much better to limit your European itinerary to a handful of cities and really get to explore them properly.

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Organise Your Transportation and Accommodation

Decide on how you’d like to get from A to B. Travelling by bus and train usually works out the cheapest (especially when booked well in advance). But if you’re short on time, then flying will have to do. Also, start looking at where you want to base yourself when you’re in a new city. Choose an area and then start looking at hotels. Make sure you look at TripAdvisor or other review sites before you book anything. This extra step may well save you tons of frustration further down the line. Just keep in mind that summer is by far the most popular time to visit Europe, so it’s definitely advisable to book your transportation and accommodation as soon as possible. If you’ve left it to the last minute and you’re having trouble finding vacancies in popular European cities, consider joining an organised tour. Tour companies, such as Albatross Tours, usually have private allotments with certain hotels and transportation companies, and you may be able to travel when and where you want to by booking a tour with them.

Get Your Finances in Order

Finally, look into how you’re going to access your funds when travelling through Europe. If you’re happy to incur the occasional ATM transaction fee (usually around €3 or so) then give your bank a call and notify them of your intended trip overseas. It’s important they know you’re leaving the country so your withdrawals in Europe don’t elicit any suspicion, potentially resulting in your card being blocked. If you intend on spending a more significant amount of time in Europe, then consider taking out a multi-currency cash passport to access your funds without having to incur any penalties. It also doesn’t hurt to have a credit card as back up – you never know when you’ll need it!

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Are you planning your own little European adventure? Great! You better get to it. If you’ve got any tips for other planners, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below!