Keep your home safe while you’re on vacation

If you’re going on a holiday trip for a week or so, you seriously need to think about securing your home. As the saying goes, “Better be safe than sorry!” So in order to keep your house and belongings safe from damage, accidents and theft and not to worry about them while you’re on the road, here are several tips to put on your checklist before the big trip:

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsInstall alarms in key areas around the house

Alarms are the best way to guard your home from theft or illegal entry. If your alarms have a direct connection to the police that would even be better. Install some alarms around exposed areas of your house such as doors and windows. Their purpose is not to dissuade burglars from entering your home, but to alert your neighbours as well as the authorities, thereby forcing the burglars to retreat or face the police.

Don’t tip off would be criminals

Given our present preoccupation with social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various blogs, it’s best not to update your upcoming vacation to the internet. Although it is unlikely that criminals are keeping a close eye on your Facebook page, it’s not an impossibility either. If a particular group has been planning to enter your home for a long time, then they may take time to observe you and that includes your Facebook. So only relate your travel plans to people you trust.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsKeep your home safe from accidents

In securing one’s home, one should always remember that burglars aren’t the only things that you will need to worry about. All kinds of things  can damage your property and belongings even without the involvement of human agency. For example, faulty wiring as well as gas leaks can cause damage to your home while you’re away.

Likewise, if you live in a low temperature area then your pipes are in danger of freezing. So if you think that this is a danger, you may want to keep your heating on while you’re away, or just keep the pipes well-insulated.

With regard to appliances, remove all plugs from their electrical sockets, with the possible exception of the house alarms. Electrical wiring are always potential fire hazards, and this is particularly true when no one is inside your home. So before you leave your home, make sure that it is fire, freeze and accident proof.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsAsk a friend or neighbour to watch your house

Perhaps the best way to keep your home safe is to ask a close friend or neighbour to watch over it while you’re away. A neighbour can contact the police, patrol your yard, watch out for intruders and check your doors and windows to make sure that they are locked. They can also alert you right away should anything bad happens. So before you go on vacation, enlist a friend’s or neighbour’s help.

Making sure your home is secure involves a lot of things, but at the end of the day, it has only one goal: Keeping your home and property safe while you’re away. Whether you’re concerned about theft, fires or accidents in general, you need to know that carrying out certain precautions will keep your home and its contents safe while you’re away for some fun and adventure.