Historical spots to see on a river cruise in Europe

Europe has a number of numerous historical sights and patterns of beautiful attractions through the network of rivers crossing it. Magnificent river views can be seen in places such as Cologne, Rhine Gorge, Würzburg, Weltenberg and Passau. Here, visitors enjoy river cruises in Europe in which they are able to see rural landscape, archeological sites and distinct architecture. Throughout the trip, a breathtaking ensemble of architecture that was erected during the reign of the Roman Empire, historical sites and important spots of the World War I and II.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsCologne

A journey along Cologne, that includes the Dom, which is Germany’s biggest cathedral and also a recognized UNESCO World Historical Site, can be spellbinding. Moreover, one can explore the Roman ruins, distinct neighborhoods; attractive museums such as the Chocolate Museum, this would complete a vacation. The city which lies beside the river has an array of attractions, the best tourist site, Gothic cathedral is here.


Würzburg is popular for hosting a piece of Baroque art, the Residence Palace. The eighteenth century church building and a Fortress known as Marienberg that lies on the opposite side of the city. The residence is also a UNESCO World Heritage site; you can have breakfast here as you cruise. One can also explore the romantic road of Germany headed to Rothenberg that is rich in Baroque architecture. This is the location where you experience the civilization of Europe.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsRhine Gorge

The Rhine cuts across several countries in Europe; these are Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Germany. The cruise takes you on a long journey through these countries. Attached on its edge are attractive features such as classic architecture, grape vineyards and picturesque cities to explore. There is an array of hilltop castles along the Rhine, Marksburg is the only one which has not been dilapidated, and it can be viewed clearly as you cruise.


The narrow alleys of Passau and Italianate architectural features that have an Italianate feel consummate the cruise trip. Veste Oberhaus, the thirteenth century fortress which was used as a stronghold for the bishop is the first place to visit. You also get a chance to listen to the sound of Europe’s biggest pipe at St. Stephan’s Cathedral.


Photo Credit: Creative CommonsThe place has numerous historical features such as the Benedictine abbey of Weltenburg that is an ancient monastery in Bavaria. The area also has scenes of limestone gorge, medieval infrastructure, and attractive natural features. As you explore the scenic attractions of the Danube, the land is rich with an embodiment of past European civilization.

A cruise around Europe through its major rivers can be exhilarating and spell binding. One can have a different experience by exploring the spots lying on the edge of the rivers. Along these rivers, there are many historical spots, natural features that cannot be found anywhere else and a complete ensemble of classical architecture.