A guide to getting married in Mauritius

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsDecided to get married in Mauritius? Let me first congratulate you on an excellent choice – this gorgeous island is a beautiful setting for any romantic trip, and for weddings it provides an unbeatable backdrop. Of course, the flipside of opting to tie the knot overseas is that it can feel a little daunting – after all, you probably don’t speak the language, and can’t explore locations and such in person.

But never fear – I’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started with your planning. Hopefully, this will go some way to allaying any fears you have about organising your big day and allow you to look forward to the whole process.

Where to start

Let’s start with the absolute basics – once you’ve decided to get married in Mauritius, how do you go about setting the wheels in motion? Personally, I think the simplest solution is to find a hotel that offers wedding and honeymoon packages.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsSo many luxury hotels on Mauritius provide these services that you’ll have a wealth of great options to choose from (Wanderforth is a good place to get an idea of the possibilities). An advantage of going down this route is that you’re almost certain to have a dedicated wedding planner who will be your eyes and ears on location to help make every step of the organisational process easier.

In terms of when you need to start planning, the Supreme Court in Mauritius will require at least one month’s notice of the ceremony, while your hotel will probably need to receive all your documents a minimum of eight weeks in advance. So, we’re talking at least two months once you have selected a hotel.

Documents you will need

There’s a fair amount of paperwork involved in weddings and it pays to get to grips with this as soon as you can to avoid any surprises later on. The main thing to remember when getting married in Mauritius is that you need to get your birth certificates re-issued and dated within three months of your chosen wedding date.

Now, the crucial thing to be mindful of here is that on the day of your wedding this certificate must be no more than three months old. So, if you’re planning your nuptials a year in advance, you’ll have to wait until nine months have elapsed before getting this.

You’ll also need copies of your passports and, if either of you are divorced, your decree absolute. Have a conversation with your wedding planner as soon as possible to get up-to-date details on what’s required, as this is not an exhaustive list.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsPracticalities

Next, you need to think about the practicalities of the big day, including picking a date, choosing guests and transporting your wedding clothes. In terms of a date, I’m sure you’ll want to choose one that should give you the best weather, which means you ought to pick a day between April and June or September and December.

Where guests are concerned, you need to check whether key members of family and friends are both able and willing to jet off to Mauritius to see you tie the knot. You should also ask all guests to book their accommodation as soon as possible to avoid problems with hotel space nearer the date.

Owing to the destination’s tropical climate it’s worth selecting wedding clothes that are lighter than those you might pick in the UK – a linen suit for the groom, for example. Packing the groom’s suit and especially the bride’s wedding dress should be done with extra care. Preferably, wrap these in tissue paper and place them in a sturdy box or suitcase marked ‘fragile’.