Food Tripping in Argentina

Argentina is one of the developed countries in the world. It is large and produces and also exports grains, beef and wine. It is mostly known for production of beef. One of the most traditions which are important in Argentina is the asado which is a meal of grilled meat. Argentina’s cuisine can be described as blending of cultures of Mediterranean influences which are mostly created by Spanish and Italian populations in agricultural and livestock products that are in large quantity in that country. Argentina’s cuisine is mostly influenced by Europe. It includes Italian pizzas and pastas, French pastries and style dishes from Spanish. Argentinians make the dishes their own by adding styles that are unique into their dishes.


Dishes in Argentina

Main dishes

Some of the main dishes in Argentina are: Asado (also known as grilled feast), Locro (corn soup and also nay bean), Carbonada criolla (also the argentinian beef stew), Milanesa Napolitana (also the fried steak), Fugazza (also argentinian focaccia), Fugazzeta ( Argentinian pizza), Fugazzeta de verdure and lomo asado (grilled tenderloin steaks).


Appetizers include El martin fierro (Manchego cheese), Empanadas Tucumanas (Empanadas), Chorizo sausage, Faina (Garbanzo Flatbread), Pizza a Caballo and Faina with Chorizo, spinach and Blue Cheese.

Side Dishes and Sauces

These include Grilled Provolone cheese, Chimichurri sauce and also Picada Argentina.

Desserts and Pastries

These include Dulce de Leche, Dulce de Leche Pionono, Alfajores, Patagonian Black Welsh cake and also Pasta Frola de Dulce de Membrillo.



The most important Argentinian beverages are the yerba mate tea. Argentinian people term drinking yerba mate as a social activity. Drinkers of tea brew mate in gourd cups and use a straw known as bombilla to sip it. The most popular beverages in Argentina are El Submarino also known as Argentinian hot chocolate, Yerba Mate tea, tortas fritas (fry bread and also malbec wine.

Other foods from Argentina

Empanadas which are small pies with many fillings and the most popular are cheese, ham and meat. Milanesas: These are thin breaded meat mostly served in form of sandwich in most restaurants mostly during lunch time meals. The foods in Argentina are of great quality and they are of different varieties that are available in most restaurants in Argentina. The foods are described as very delicious by most people who eat the foods. This shows that Argentina is another home of different varieties of food which are very delicious and the best place to eat.