Get a different perspective on your USA holiday

There’s no doubt that walking around a place is a great way of seeing it. However, sometimes it’s well worth getting a different perspective on your destination, and the USA is one country where you won’t have any trouble enjoying an unusual point of view during your travels.

Read on for a guide to seeing the USA from a new angle before visiting TrekAmerica to book a trailblazing tour to help you make the most of your visit stateside, whether you’re looking for a singles holiday or are traveling with a partner.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsHelicopter

If you want to enjoy a bird’s eye view in style and comfort, you can’t go far wrong with a helicopter ride, and there’s perhaps no better place to take to the skies than the Grand Canyon to get a better idea of the sheer enormity of this natural wonder.

Soar and swoop over this mile-deep and up to 18-mile wide chasm that will leave your jaw on the floor as you struggle to take in the scale of it from the air.


If a helicopter is too tame for you, why not throw yourself out of a plane thousands of feet in the air? While you might be too exhilarated to properly take in the view as you freefall to earth at breakneck speed, once your parachute has opened you’ll have plenty of time to soak up your surroundings as you float back down to earth.

Try it above the mountains surrounding Las Vegas – it will certainly blow out the cobwebs from the night before.


Photo Credit: Creative CommonsThe USA is home to a host of skyscrapers that make most of the buildings in the UK look like toothpicks. One of these is the Seattle Space Needle, which British travelers will be familiar with from the title screen from the comedy Frasier, that stretches more than 600ft into the sky.

Just below the antenna is a huge observation deck at 520ft that allows visitors to experience a stunning 360-degree vista encompassing the entire Seattle skyline and look down on the ant-sized people and cars below.


Perhaps you don’t have a head for heights, but still want to see a different side to the city you’re visiting. In Memphis, get a serene look at the city’s buildings from the water by getting out on the Mississippi aboard a historic paddle steamer.

Plus, given the river’s importance to the region, you’ll learn just as much about the city from the water as you would on any walking tour.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsPhoto Credit: Creative CommonsCable car

As important to San Francisco as boats are to Mississippi, cable cars are a special way to travel around the City by the Bay. The world’s last manually operated cable car system has been servicing Frisco since the late 19th century, ferrying both tourists and commuters around the city.

As well as being a great way to see the sights, they’re also a useful method of navigating up and down San Fran’s notoriously steep streets without working up a heavy sweat.


The USA is home to some of the world’s tallest rollercoasters and rides, allowing you to combine sweeping vistas with adrenaline-pumping thrills. In Las Vegas, for instance, many of the rides are built onto the outside of the skyscrapers – truly hair raising!