Cuba: A biker’s dream

There is no better way to tour this vibrant and cultural Caribbean island than by bike. Cycling through Cuba is one great way of experiencing what this interesting island has to offer. From the beautiful beaches and tropical sun, to the cultural and historically rich cities, the island of Cuba is a great sight-seeing destination.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsRoad Accessibility

Most Cubans travel using bikes and this renders the roads car free. You can cycle for hours without having to give way to cars. The roads are also in good condition for biking and you won’t have to worry about portholes or sticky mud. Biking on the Cuban roads is the only way you can get to experience the authentic Cuba as I did.

The People

Cuban people are very friendly and you will notice that most of them are smoking those famous Cuban cigars and at the same time listening to the salsa beat on the streets. You will see people with fruit and ice-cream stands and they will always smile at you whenever you make eye contact as you cycle past.

Places To Visit

Havana should be your starting point like it was mine, it is only one of the culturally and historically rich cities. It is an interesting city and by biking you will get into its nooks and crannies and really get a feel of the pulsing Cuban rhythm. The architecture is quite fascinating and for the history lovers make sure you visit the presidential palace and the Colonial squares; the Prado promenade and the Revolution Squares. They are places with the richest Cuban history.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsWhile on your Cuba tours, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Matanzas, a colonial city located on the coast. When cycling through Matanzas, you will feel as if you are going back in time, the place is history rich with ancient buildings. Other historically rich cities that are a-must visit are Trinidad, Cienfuegos and the Bay of Pigs. When cycling from one city to another you will experience views of the sea, mountains and sometimes a lovely view of real cowboys on horseback. If you go during the sugar-cane harvest period, make sure you have a taste of the delicious sugar-cane juice to give you more cycling energy. I got new energy after taking it.

Places To Eat

I really enjoyed very delicious street pizzas available almost in every street in the cities. You could also have fresh juice from a glass and batidos which a delicious milk shake and iced fruit. Still on the streets there are very talented Cubans who are mixing up really nice cocktails. Havana Club rum and juice combined really makes a very delightful Pina Colada which goes for only a few pennies on the streets.

The food on the streets is delicious but there are restaurants to eat like the hotel Nacional and the cafeteria Bahia which is located on the waterfront and where they also make really quality Mojitos. There are also sea food paladars which are simply family-run restaurants and sell really delicious food especially sea-food.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsPhoto Credit: Creative CommonsAccommodation

There are really nice and comfortable hotels at an affordable price. Since you are cycling, you will probably sleep in different hotels every night and there are plenty available.

The Cost of Living

Cuba’s cost of living is favorable, you could spend an average of $70 a day inclusive of all expenses. This was really affordable for me and I had the time of my life which I would love to replicate sometime again.

Cuba is one place that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. It is the ideal place to visit, if you intend to add to your memories of pleasant experiences.