Charms of Sharm El Sheikh

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsMany holidaymakers will travel to Sharm El Sheikh expecting sun, sea, relaxation and great facilities and this resort cannot fail to please because it specialises in high quality hotels, great amenities, miles of sandy beaches, family attractions and everything else the average traveller has on their checklist – with a few casinos, golf courses and spas thrown in for good measure. For many, the beaches and nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh will be enough to ensure a perfect holiday in the sun and a taste of Egypt; however, this is just the start of what the region can offer and there are some extraordinary delights awaiting tourists that choose to venture beyond the safe, comfortable strip of the traditional resort. Read on to find out more about what Sharm el Sheikh holidays have to offer.

Explore the furthest reaches of Sharm El Sheikh – from the deep ocean reefs to the vast desert landscape.

The local beaches are certainly a big draw on holiday, with their 35 kilometres of coastline and the serene beauty of Na’ama bay, but the true wonders can be found out in the infamous Red Sea and anybody with an interest in diving and snorkelling should explore below the oceans surface. There are specialised diving centres and Shark’s Bay, beautiful coral reefs at Ras Om El Seed and experienced, thrill-seeking divers can test out the infamous, deadly “Blue Hole” – providing they choose a skilled, reputable instructor. Staying on the surface, you can always enjoy water-sports, swimming or a relaxing cruise while the beaches themselves offer plenty of other treats such as cafés and shops.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsIf the Red Sea has no appeal beyond a few toes in the warm waves, there is an alternative for getting the adrenaline pumping and seeing an alternative side of Sharm El Sheikh – a desert safari. In many cases this does not mean a gentle drive but rather a trip through the sand and dunes on a fast-paced buggy. There are gentler, more serene modes of transport available for people that want to savour the scenery and get more in touch with the traditions and Bedouin lifestyle behind the city streets; whether a camel ride classifies as gentle or serene depends on the camel but these creatures do offer a unique experience. Some people may choose to see the desert scenery from one of the many flights that tour the area but they cannot offer the same connection to the landscape and some tour operators on the ground offer star gazing and local delicacies to make the experience complete.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsEssentially, a holiday to Sharm El Sheikh is what you make of it and you are sure to have a great time if your idea of heaven is a hot beach resort with plenty of 5 star hotels, restaurants and bars. The important thing to remember is that if you are searching for a something a little different and are keen to see the unique nature and landscape of the region, you may have to step beyond your comfort zone and be prepared to explore. A trip down the Blue Hole may be a bit extreme but there are plenty of other activities and tours to showcase the area.