Best Places to Ride your Motorbike Abroad

There are many hugely popular routes you can take on your motorbike which will offer you fun teamed with great views. As there are so many here is a quick list of the top five hotspots around the world.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsEurope

We may as well start close to home. Europe is one of the most popular riding places for motorcycle tours. You can go to Germany via Switzerland to the Italian Dolomites and Austria is definitely recommended. There is some great scenery as well as some brilliant roads here. There are all kinds of turns which mean that there is something for everyone from hair pin turns to straight fast roads of course coupled with some great views.

North America

The best place to ride in North America is of course The Rocky Mountains. Start in Canadian British Columbia through Montana then down to Wyoming and Colorado or of course you can do it the other way around! If you are looking for some great surroundings then look no further than the Icefields Parkway. There is of course Route 66 and Sturgis and many who talk about riding in the USA will also mention the Tail of the Dragon although these are the most well known and popular so it is very easy to break from the norm, especially in North America. No trip to America is complete without a quick glimpse of the Grand Canyon so this is definitely something that needs to be on the “to do” list.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsJapan

Japan has still be very much undiscovered by riders from around the world yet they do have alps as big as those seen in Europe. The quality of the roads is immaculate and of course some stunning views. There is a motorcycle magazine from Japan that you can read called BikeJin which might give you a better flavour of what is to offer here but the top three routes to ride are Bandai Azuma Skyline, Venus Line and the Yamanami Highway.

New Zealand

Fourth on the list is New Zealand and the Southern Alps. There are some great roads here and it is always best to research what there is to offer. For New Zealand one of the best tools to use would be the New Zealand top 100 motorcycle road atlas. The best place to go here is Buller Gorge. You can ride up from Punakaiki along the coast and head inland towards Inangahu and then continue on towards Murchison. There are also some other great places such as Hasst Pass and Milford Sound.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsScandinavia

Last on the list is Scandinavia in Norway. There are some great famous roads such as the Eagle road and the Trolls roads which have been consistently named some of the most scenic roads in the world. However, many people are put off by taking their bikes here because of the perception that it is too cold, expensive and difficult to get to, this isn’t the case. In fact petrol is likely to be cheaper than in England and of course it is only going to be cold if you are visiting during the winter months.

Of course there are many other places you can visit and it is always best to do your own research but this list is a good starting place. Make sure your motorbike is covered with the right insurance policy before you set off abroad. For a quote on your motorbike insurance visit aquote bike.