Our Top 3 Star Alliance Airline Choices! See the comparison!

Top 3 Airlines with Star Alliance

Picking what airline to use for your flight can be a task if you are not aware of their services. The brochures and the advertisements show very nice experiences. The unfortunate thing is that the reality could be totally different on the ground (and in the air). Gauging by the remote complaints of various customers, this preview puts together the pros and cons of top rated airlines. The airline business pulls in billions of dollars and so functionality, class and comfort are a concern. The convenience of the airline is measured right from their bookings to the destination. Their customer services need to be top class. The amenities and facilities need to be functional and top class. In whatever class you are flying, the experiences should only vary with perks, not comfort. Where some airlines may feel like a chicken bus, others may feel like a first class ticket to heaven. Here’s some pros and cons of our Top 3 choices, to help you make your decision easier!

Photo by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography/Flickr Creative Commons

Singapore Airlines


  • The customer service is great. The cabin crew members are very helpful, and service is of upmost importance to them.
  • The TVs and screens are at the back of the seats making it convenient to watch and play games. This beats the boredom that would have been incurred on flight.
  • The leg space between the seats is great. Nothing is as irritating as having to excuse people that want to pass by almost getting off your seat.
  • The airlines have good comfortable seats.
  • They will give you a blanket, pillow, socks, a tooth brush and toothpaste for you flight. The products are actually great.
  • They are relatively affordable even in high seasons.


  • The food is mainly oriental which could be a downside for those that do not like the foreign cuisines.
  • Lost luggage has been a known issue – though they do manage to get it back to you quite quickly and efficiently

Qatar Airlines


  • Qatar has some of the best planes in the market.
  • The first class has lived up to its name. The amenities in the plane are state of the art.
  • The seats are comfortable with the 2/4/2 formation which is the best.
  • The leg space is also enough giving you ample movement.
  • The meals on flight are great with a good selection from fish to chicken lined with great salads.
  • There is Chardonay and Champagne for drinks
  • .They have nice magazines onboard that keep you entertained during the flight.
  • The will offer you a blanket, socks, sleeping eyepatch, toothpaste and a toothbrush.


  • Some planes still have over head TVs that have limited shows, and lack the control of personalized sets.
  • There are sometimes some confusion on the ground that could lead to flight delays at their main hubs.
  • The business class is not well managed. The place can look a little untidy due to the frequently filling bins.
  • The flight can get hot and giving hot towels to the clients does not really help the situation.

British Airways


  • The food on the flight is great.
  • They offer free drinks with pleasant attendants.
  • Their planes are well managed and maintained. This seems to be the general description of their planes by clients.
  • They have great benefits for the executive class.
  • They have good inflight entertainment for their clients.


  • The customer care is wanting a little bit, in comparison with the other 2 airlines.
  • The ticket rates are unreasonably over priced for some of the shorter flights.

The pros and cons in all these airlines will also depend on the personalities of individuals, and of course the flight itself. Even the best airlines have off days from time to time. Use this as a rough guideline, and as things to consider when booking your flight! Enjoy and have a happy and safe trip!!