The benefits of train travel

Since ancient times, transport systems have been the most evolving industry, starting from the most primitive to train travel and other means. Transport by rail still remains one of the most reliable and convenient means of transport until to this present day. Although trains are not the main mode of transportation as it were in ancient times passenger trains still operate regularly in most parts of the world. By using the train, one is able to realize the accompanying benefits:


Rail transport encourages mass transportation; this is an important factor in ecological-conscious traveler. Trains minimizes the number of vehicles on the road, this in turn reduces the amount of carbon emitted per single day. The low emission relate to the low rate of ozone layer destruction hence low effect on the environment and its habitats. Moreover, trains are less noisier compared to a fleet of cars.


Less inconveniences

Trains only use rails which are ways made with special features. They usually travel on a single railway and not meet on the same route, hence you cannot be caught in a traffic jam. Moreover, you cannot run into road construction delays. Trains also have destination stations which have tight security and rooms, which means you go by the schedule. Night train travel will also save you some money on hotel bookings. Ticket reservation is also the norm in which passengers can choose their seats and bedding (and sometimes food) is even provided for you.

Slow paced

Trains have a limited speed at which they travel at. This constant speed reduces speed-related accidents.
The slow pace is a comfort to passengers who are speed phobic and those with special health conditions. At a slow pace you can read books, complete some paperwork and even better your social interaction with exchange of ideas. As a bonus, the passenger is able to reach his destination without the much-dreaded travel fatigue.


Comfort onboard

Basing on the passenger class, trains can be more comfortable than any other transport. The seats are larger while you enjoy the scenery from the big windows. There’s more leg room which lets you stretch. If you’re feeling stiff, you can always take a stroll in the train. As mentioned earlier, overnight sleeper trains also provide passengers with beddings for a good night’s rest. Private cabins are also another option for couples, or families. Services onboard can be customized for the passenger’s individual needs.

Touring and sightseeing

Travel by train is an excellent way to see the countryside in a very comfortable way. Because trains go into towns, the view never stays the same. Through these, travelers get a new insight on how the locals live in different parts of the country.


Train travel is an exciting and adventurous experience.  Have you traveled by train? Tell us your experience. Do you have other benefits of train travel that you’d like to mention?