A guide to the regions of Canada

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsIf you’re planning a trip to Canada, it can be hard to know where to begin. There’s a wide variety of sights, events and activities to take part in, all of which are in completely different areas of the country. To get the most of your visit, we’ve put together this overview of Canada’s different regions to help you plan your trip.

Atlantic Region

The Atlantic region is made up from four provinces: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Each has its own distinct flavour and personality. The region is home to a large fishing and shipping industry and the locals are well known for their blend of unique accents. The coastal areas are particularly beautiful; just remember to pack a coat!

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsCore Region

The core region is formed by Quebec and Ontario. Quebec is culturally French-Canadian and English isn’t the dominate language here. The architecture abide to a gothic revival style; large stone buildings and tall pointed windows are very prominent here.

Ontario is the largest populated province in Canada. Most people speak English here and there are plenty of things to see and do. The province houses the bustling metropolis Toronto and the countries capital, Ottawa.


Prairies is a region with unique landscapes and beautiful scenery. The western side of the region is home to the Rocky Mountains which descends into flatter farmland and rugged terrain the further east you travel. The mountain resorts of Banff and Canmore are particularly popular with tourists, as are the major cities of Winnipeg and Edmonton. You can learn more visiting the official site of the Canadian Tourism Commission, here.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsBritish Columbia

The westernmost region of Canada is also one of its most mountainous. It is home to elegant wineries, majestic lakes and many other natural wonders. The area is very popular with tourists looking for an active holiday filled with kayaking and long walks in the country. Vancouver is a particular busy tourist spot, with lots to see and do if you prefer city breaks. My Canada Trips has some excellent exclusive offers for holidays in Canada if you’re thinking about booking up.

The North

The north region of Canada is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and culture vultures. It’s one of the most remote areas on Earth and is home to the fascinating and unique Inuit culture. If you head to the north, make sure you take a camera with you to snap the extraordinary animals and geography.