5 things Jamaica is famous for

Jamaica is a tiny sized country famously known to the rest of the world for its unique elements. The country is known for the unique features that truly distinguish it. So what makes Jamaica stand out from the rest of the world? Read on for the list of 5 things they are famous for:

Land of Beauty

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsThis country has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It is dotted by very attractive, scintillating, and relaxing beaches, exotic plants, rivers, and waterfalls. There are a number of pristine white sand beaches. These include the Holland Bay Beach in St. Thomas in the East and the amazing Negril 7, which is a mile beach in the West. The Dunn’s river is one of the captivating rivers in the region. Jamaica has beautiful waterfalls such as the gushing Mayfield’s, the rustic Secrets, the Romantic Reich falls among others. In addition, there are other attractive landmarks and sites.  When you have an all inclusive holiday Jamaica, you are guaranteed to have an amazing and unforgettable time filled with beauty, relaxation and fun!


Among the languages that are available all over the world Jamaican inhabitants, speak a language that is thought to be extremely exceptional from the rest. This is the patois language, which has benefitted tremendously from the rich blend of cultures.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsFood

Additionally, the food prepared in most eating places as well as by the locals is considered among the most flavorful in the world. Jamaicans are popularly known for the preparation of delicious jerk chicken, fish, ackee, salt fish, bammy, and fish. Most of these are accompanied by roasted breadfruit or the Jamaican steamed fish. The country is also known for its extensive cuisine that includes exceptionally juicy patties among other delicacies.

Culture and Music

One of the things that make Jamaica popular is their unique culture. They have a mission statement for their people “Out of the many one people” in the effort to bring about unity. It is also contributed by the musical artistry that emanates from the Rastafarian group. Most of them are musicians who have made the country famously known for its unique kind of music. Majorly, the music genres that are played by Jamaican musicians such as the famous Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff are reggae, dancehall, traditional folk and mentor. It is considered with great significance as the blue mountain coffee. The other art that is created in Jamaica is the dub poetry. Other areas that have been amalgamated by this motto are folklore, food, dance, and religion.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsSports

The other items that are distinctively found in Jamaica making it a famous country are its exemplary performance in track and field sports. It is because of its possession of highly talented athletes with their prowess. They are known to perform exceptionally in a wide range of sporting activities, which include marathons, netball, boxing, and cricket. Some of the most renowned athletes include Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell, Domino Bobsled and Asafa Powell. As such, it is known that Jamaicans stand out in every place they go and in each of the activities they are involved.

For a place or country to be highly popular, there have to be a number of factors that appear unique and extraordinary to the people from other countries. Jamaica has set a leading trend in this respect, thus becoming one of the top areas to visit.