5 places to check out around Seoul

Seoul, South Korea receives millions of tourists annually thanks to the amazing features that it has ranging from museums, palaces, parks, gardens, shopping areas and folk villages among many other interesting features which make the city a top destination. Even with so many things that it has to offer, there are five main attractions that are a must visit around Seoul to complete the picture.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsGyeongbokgung Palace

The palace is one of the best historical features in Seoul. Built back in 1394, this magnificent palace had been destroyed and renovated over and over and stands to amaze all its visitors. It is located in Seoul’s northern city and it is quite broad. Among the things that it has to offer include architecture, heritage objects and customs among others.

National Museum of Korea

It is among Asia’s largest museums and carries thousands of pieces and displays. This is without a doubt the best place to begin learning about Korean people and getting familiar with the culture of the locals. The collections include pottery, wooden bowls, bronze statutes, calligraphy, Asian art and pagodas and archaeological finds among others. Around the museum is garden area that is lovely fountains and ponds, gift shop and a restaurant.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsLotte World

This is a recreational complex that is a must visit in Seoul. It is composed of an indoor theme park which is the largest of its kind in the world, Magic Island the amusement park, luxury hotel, movie theaters, sport facilities and an artificial island that is inside a lake. It is considered to be a world class theme park receiving millions of visitors annually.


If shopping till you drop is part of your itinerary, this shopping area is among the best that you can find in Seoul. It is famed for the traditional tea houses, cafes and galleries. The twisting alleyways add a spicy twist to a walk through the shopping area and the Korean artwork that is on displays completes this area. There is lots to enjoy including the Korean traditional tea, Korean pancakes. Buddhist amulets and antique pottery are some of the souvenirs which can be bought from here.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsN Seoul Tower

This piece of architecture is breathtaking standing at 237 meters on the beautiful Mount Namsan. Seoul City’s beauty can be enjoyed from the top of this tower. It is also famous for Love Locks as it is where many lovebirds spend their times binding their love in the form of padlocks on the fence. Also found here are eating places and souvenir shops

It is without a doubt that Seoul in South Korea makes a great holiday or travel destination. You will run out of holiday time before running out of interesting things to do and see.