5 Capital Cities You Must Visit in 2016

Wandering off the beaten track can be an immensely fun and interesting way to travel, but it isn’t for everyone. There are times when the best way to travel is to stick to a well trodden path and this can be best done in one of the World’s great capital cities. Times have changed and London,Paris and Rome have given way to some other of the World’s capital cities in terms of popularity, here are 5 cities that you simply must visit in 2016.

Mexico City


Mexico City is a beautiful mix of forward thinking art and culture and historical latin roots. Once the home of the Mayans, the city is bathed in history from it’s buildings and design to it’s 150 museums, more than any city in the World. The food in the city is outstanding, best eaten on the street, the energy of the nightlife is fantastic, especially in the salsa clubs and it is a thoroughly modern city when it comes to transport and accommodation. Get this city on your list.


The capital of Hungary is perched on the banks of the meandering River Danube and is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city ‘s pedestrian-only old town features some stunning gothic architecture and many of the old buildings have been restored as a scenic reminder of times gone by and a visit to the city wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the awesome National Theatre. Budapest has a lively nightlife and numerous relaxing bars and restaurants to enjoy some local cuisine and drinks. This city has been underrated for a long time but is finally being seen for it’s true beauty, make sure it’s in your plans for 2016.


Blacklane -- Driver over shoulder









Berlin has seen more changes in the past 100 years than most cities, having once been divided by the Berlin Wall, Germany’s capital now boasts the title of one of the coolest cities, in Europe. Berlin’s history can be seen and felt at it’s museums and murals which pay homage to it’s dark past, the Holocaust Museum and the Brandenburg Gate are must visit places. Thankfully today, the city is known for it’s architecture, it’s nightlife and it’s vibrant art scene, all of which is visible throughout the city. The city feels very stylish too, last time I went I made sure that my trip matched the style of the city, I booked a luxury hotel, of which there are many, transferred from the airport in my own chauffeur driven car with a company called Blacklane and ate in some of the finest restaurants that Berlin had to offer, well, why not!


Scotland’s capital is beautiful, a city with so much greenery that you feel as though you are in the countryside while still enjoying all that city life has to offer. The two main streets in Edinburgh, Princes Street and the Royal Mile are filled with shops old and new, bars and restaurants that celebrate the best of Scottish cuisine and lively entertainment. The old city of Edinburgh is centred around it’s grand castle at the top of the Royal Mile which is well worth a visit, then hit one of the hundreds of whisky shops and pick up a real taste of Scotland. Beautiful, friendly and something for everyone in this glorious city.



Islamabad may not have been on your list of places to visit but it really should be. This cosmopolitan city has, over the years, attracted both domestic citizens from around Pakistan and International businesses which has had the effect of turning this city into an ultra modern and exciting capital. The surrounding areas of the city are absolutely breathtaking, with stunning national parks, huge lakes and some of the views that you get from trekking the area are simply stunning. The city is also home to the largest mosque in Southern Asia, the Faisal Mosque which is absolutely worth visiting. The pace of life in the city centre is frenetic and the city bustles beautifully, take a short ride outside and you are in a luscious landscape, a perfect blend. Take a chance and get to Islamabad this year.