5 Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Manager to Plan Your Business Trip

Although you may feel pretty confident in booking your own travel plans, did you know that there are a number of great benefits to using the services of an experienced and industry-savvy corporate travel manager? Here are five that will show just why so many business travellers are leaving their travel needs in the hands of a corporate travel manager.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsCost Savings

A corporate travel manager has the experience and expertise to save you and your company serious money. Whether it’s determining the cheapest route to take to a certain destination, or which wholesalers to use when booking accommodation, travel professionals have access to a range of tools and suppliers that will ultimately help you secure a itinerary at the cheapest possible price.

Comprehensive yet Flexible Travel Insurance

You never know when disaster or medical illness can strike. That’s why it’s mandatory that you take out a travel insurance policy every time you travel. A corporate travel management company – such as Corporate Traveller – will be able to select a comprehensive, yet flexible policy that’s ideal for business travellers. Not all travel insurance companies are created equal, and some cater more for the casual holiday than the important business trip. Business traveller targeted insurance companies cover such things as the cost of replacement employees to complete an assignment due to injury or illness of an employee, and rental car excess coverage.

 Photo Credit: Creative CommonsMore Value Added to your Travel Spend

In addition to saving you (and your company) money, corporate travel managers are great at getting free flight upgrades, better hotel inclusions, and general freebies every step of the way. Corporate travel professionals have access to a range of suppliers each vying for your business. Through personal relationships and ongoing negotiation, it’s possible for corporate travel managers to get a better deal for their clients.

24-hour Assistance

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone at your beck and call to handle those problems that inevitably seem to creep up again, and again, and again when travelling? Well there is, and they go by the name of corporate travel managers. Many of the best companies offer 24/7 emergency support to help clients in their times of trouble, no matter where they are in the world. Emergency support staff are able to handle anything that may pop up, from last-minute flight changes to unexpected emergencies, and general freak-outs. By using a corporate travel manager, all your flight/accommodation/transport information will be easily accessible by emergency staff, allowing them to solve the problem as fast as possible and with minimum frustration to the client.

Photo Credit: Creative CommonsConvenience

Use a corporate travel manager to look after your travel plans, and experience the convenience of letting them do all the work for you. We all know how busy things can get at work, and at home. So let an experienced professional take care of everything and get on to more important things in your business and personal life.

How else can a corporate travel manager make your travelling life that much better? Leave your comments below and contribute to the discussion today.